Posted on Jan 1, 0001

Passionate Software Developer and hobbyists System Engineer. I’ve spent most of my first year at university attending hackathons and doing crazy projects.

Critical on the state of “web” and new fad emerging technologies. Wishing more developers would understand that less is more.

My main programming languages are: C, Go, ARM ASM and I am a wizard of Git, Regex, and System design. I am always looking to learn or contribute to something new.

My IDE of choice is VSCode or InteliJ with a nice, dark, cold theme. If I have to work remotely over ssh I can Vim my way around.

While technology and tinkering are passions of mine and working in this area brings me joy & pride, I also like hiking, cooking, board games, traveling and listening to Pink Floyd while doing any of the above.


Github: cpl

Email: [email protected]

Keybase: cpl_li

Twitter: @alexandru_copil

PGP Fingerprint: 8E9E2624C46ED617DF7218BB778588A7B5A53BF1

curl https://cpl.li/assets/pubkey.asc | gpg --import

This is my Genome checksum (SHA256), just in case I get cloned: 1eb7d575c278f3b4d228670fb4a2aacdf145453bdfb5e2bf765eec4917a6e9ed