Passionate Software Developer and hobbyists System Engineer. I’ve spent most of my first year at university attending hackathons and doing crazy projects.

My main programming languages are: C, Go, Python, ARM ASM and I am a wizard of Git, Regex, and System design. I am always looking to learn or contribute to something new.

My IDE of choice is VSCode or InteliJ with a nice, dark, cold theme. If I have to work remotely over ssh I can Vim my way around.

While technology and tinkering are passions of mine and working in this area brings me joy & pride, I also like hiking, cooking, board games, traveling and listening to Pink Floyd while doing any of the above.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 739 730 4555

Keybase: cpl_li

Twitter: @alexandru_copil

PGP Fingerprint: 8E9E2624C46ED617DF7218BB778588A7B5A53BF1

curl | gpg --import

This is my Genome checksum (SHA256), just in case I get cloned: 1eb7d575c278f3b4d228670fb4a2aacdf145453bdfb5e2bf765eec4917a6e9ed


You can find an up to date copy of my resume here, in PDF format.