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Passionate System Engineer, Security & Privacy enthusiast and kernel dweller. Strong adept of “KISS” (Keep it simple stupid) and Chaos Engineering. I develop and architect my projects as if the next person maintaining it knows my address and owns a gun.

If you wish to find out more about my skills & background check the about me page or check out SUDOLESS.

To learn more about my projects and deeds check my GitHub profile or read any of the posts below.

This is my new website, without any JS, built with Hugo, and trying to achieve brutalism step by step. Carbon calculator.

Oh, and you just lost The Game.

APIs, the good, the bad and the ugly

Good APIs, Bad APIs, Horror APIs, and a personal rant + opinionated designs on APIs

SQL Murder Mystery

Have fun investigating a murder in SQL City. you are a detective using SQL queries

Hiking Adventures, Part I

Hiking adventures in the Peak District area around Manchester, covering Hope and Edale

The official guide to making Țăcălie

The secret ancient art of making Țăcălie

HC-08 Bluetooth (LE) with Arduino and macOS

My experience with a HC-08 Bluetooth module and macOS BLE

Hangman, but for sysadmins

The best way to lose your friends by playing hangman

How to become admin during exams

Poking around the University exam interface to do unexpected things

Golang Must Know

What is Go, and how can you make your experience better?

Markov Chains in Go

A fun little project that generates new text based on markov chains

Raspberry Pi - Lite home server

How to setup your Raspberry Pi as your home lite-server