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Passionate System Engineer, Security & Privacy enthusiast and kernel dweller. Strong adept of “KISS” (Keep it simple stupid) and Chaos Engineering. I develop and architect my projects as if the next person maintaining it knows my address and owns a gun.

If you wish to find out more about my skills & background check the about me page or check out SUDOLESS.

To learn more about my projects and deeds check my GitHub profile or read any of the posts below.

This is my new website, without any JS, built with Hugo, and trying to achieve brutalism step by step. Carbon calculator.

Oh, and you just lost The Game.

A Git Gud Guide

A simple guide to creating a better image for your git repositories and OpenSource projects


An aggregated repository of information regarding File System FAT and MBR

Page Replacement Design

Common algorithms used for page replacement in a MMU

Kalah A.I.

Techniques and strategies for developing a Kalah (Mancala) A.I.

My favourite programming font

One thing I must really have in order to feel “at home” on a machine is my favourite font.

Game review, Fallen London

Welcome. Delicious friend! Welcome to a bizarre world, shrouded in mystery, riches and plenty for you to do.

Good security practices

How to keep yourself, your data and your day to day business private and secure.

How to prepare for a low-level interview

What is the right mentality when preparing for a technical low-level interview and what to expect.

Designing Classic’s memory allocator

What goes into making a memory allocator? One of the most used and misunderstood aspects of modern software development.